The story of Groovy Tech Records all began with a simple playlist on Spotify, which on this day still carries the same name: “Groovy Tech”. A playlist filled with the grooviest (tech) house tracks, updated with new music every week. Jimza has been the owner of this playlist since day one and began to realize that the tracks he added lead to a rise of followers. At that point, around September 2019 he decided to start producing music via Ableton Live with the goal of one day releasing his own tracks. He released a few of them on Soundcloud and began to really love the house scene.

By the end of 2022 he bought himself a DJ controller and published house mixes on YouTube and Soundcloud to work further on ‘Groovy Tech’. At the time he was already friends with Kenjiro (Ji-ro), who also had a feel for house music. They decided to record house mixes together, so Ji-ro joined on the third episode of the “Groovy Tech Mixes”-series.

From that point forward, the two realized that there was more than only publish house mixes on those platforms. They asked themselves: why don’t we just host our own events?

So they decided to establish a new company in October 2022: Groovy Tech Records. They hosted their first event in Zaandam (Club Eve) in March 2023 without any knowledge of doing so. It became a huge success with around 350 people all grooving on the same frequency. 

Since October 2023, Jimza and Ji-ro decided to go their separate ways, because there wasn’t enough time to put in the effort from Ji-ro’s side. Luckily that’s completely fine and now Jimza’s running the business by himself. Although the option to someday collaborate again is not excluded!

You may have already spotted it throughout our website, but we truly want to bring you groove. We mean, literally. Our passion for groovy tech house music is unprecedented and we love listening, making, mixing and sharing it to others. And we do this by hosting events, publishing mixes, producing music, inviting guests from around the world and spread the love through our online platforms and merchandise.

We dream about making Groovy Tech Records a well-known name throughout the Netherlands to begin with. Of course, we won’t just leave it at there and aim to generate worldwide familiarity. We would like the world to know that Groovy Tech Records serves people that all share the love for house music. We believe in the fact that music is an extraordinary element of life and we must embrace and share that to every living soul on this planet.


With Groovy Tech Records, I believe we can make house music accessible to every living soul and in an unique way. The sense of rhythm is within everybody, the groove is only to be released.

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