'First Time' by Jimza

The record First Time was created in the year 2022 by Jimza and has been his first track that he released on Spotify and other platforms. During the time he was working on this project, he did not know how to name this track yet. He had been searching on YouTube for any vocals that might fit his track. He thought why not search for an interview with the house legend Frankie Knuckles.

It was only at the final stages of his Ableton project that he realized that in this interview, the interviewer asked Frankie something like “When was the first time you heard somebody refer to house music?”.

That was when Jimza knew this would be the perfect track name, as it is also his first time releasing anything on Spotify.

'I'm Not Gonna Wait' by Jimza

This record was Jimza’s first ‘serious’ track that he felt he could release one day. Also produced in the year 2022, where he was finally productive in making music. 

In this track he learned much about mixing and mastering and followed a lot of tutorials on YouTube and via ‘Kimba’s Academy’. It was really a time consuming track with ups and downs in productivity. Jimza has always been a stickler in music production which makes finishing tracks harder. 


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